User Experience: Theory & Practice

This course focused on teaching the fundamentals of user experience (UX), and how to apply it in real-life challenges. User experience has been described in multiple ways, and I have been able to make my own definition clear within a personal UX portfolio. 

In a challenge posed by VanBerlo, our group designed various ways of how an interactive LED tunnel (Willem II Passage in Tilburg) could interact with its environment. During the lecture, we presented these concepts to a representative of VanBerlo, of whom we received positive feedback, specifically on how we focused on the identity of the city, and safety awareness.   

By reading literature and explicitly practicing these concepts in a challenge, a UX manifesto was eventually made. In this manifesto, me and my team member Sark described that UX can be influenced by the following three aspects: user, system, and context. UX encapsulates all of these aspects. UX is adaptive and therefore,  very element can influence the overall UX.

VanBerlo challenge concepts

UX Manifesto (click for full size)