For this expertise area, courses that helped me develop the most include:

  • From Idea to Design
  • Secret Life of Light Project
  • Project 1 Design
  • Applied Natural Physics
  • Creative Electronics

This year, I got introduced to microcontrollers like Arduino and how to operate them. I have learned a lot from others as far as opportunities with microcontrollers are concerned. I can still improve on the coding part but I think that is just a matter of time and using Arduino on a regular basis. Electronics are a big part of Arduino too, which I gained knowledge from within the Creative Electronics course.

Another activity which developed me within this area is the making of prototypes. I have made a lot of prototypes in order to get to a final design or to make decisions. This required me to experiment a lot with materials and structures so the design will satisfy everyone’s expectations.


Design for the mini-project for Creative Electronics

Mini project Circuit_schema

The schematics for the electronics