For this expertise area, I did several activities to develop:

  • Workshop: Planning and Setting Goals
  • Workshop: Information Brokering
  • Workshop: Professional Meeting Skills
  • Workshop: Working with Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator
  • Workshop: HTML and CSS
  • Workshop: Pitching your Project

By doing all the abovementioned activities, I enhanced skills such as organizing, dealing with scientific information, communication and self-directed learning. I got the most out of the Adobe workshop, as I had no clue of how to work with these programs before. By working a lot with these programs, I have improved my communicative skills as I am now able to make  more attractive visuals. The workshop on how to pitch your project was also very useful. In order to sell a product, you should be able to present it in a good way, which is what I learned here.


Code Schematic

Schematic I made for the Co-Coach