Who am I as a designer?

My interests in technology and innovation combined with music, sports and everyday activities that happen in my life are things that drive me. 

I get inspired by other people’s creations, performances and work. People around me describe me as determined, social and adaptive in unfamiliar environments. Often, I am confident about my decisions and actions, but I am very eager to learn of others too. I can pick up new information quickly and try to apply this knowledge whenever I can. I see myself as a design-researcher who has expertise in interaction design, user experience design and lighting design. Throughout the Bachelor and Master program, I have developed a great sense for user and society needs, especially for vulnerable user groups. I am able to apply both quantitative and qualitative (user) research methods in order to create design opportunities or validate my own designs. 

My true skills as a designer excel in a team environment. Even though I identify myself as a team player, I am very capable of working on my own as well. I tend to ask for others’ opinions to evaluate and improve my own work. Moreover, I always try to maintain a healthy and pleasant working atmosphere by having an informal, yet professional attitude.