For this expertise area, courses that helped me develop the most include:

  • Calculus
  • Modelling
  • Applied Natural Physics
  • Project 1 Design
  • Creative Programming
  • Creative Electronics

Working a lot with Arduino helped me develop in this area the most. The basic courses such as Calculus and Physics improved my math skills which I utilized while programming in Arduino. For example, in the Creative Electronics course I learned how to translate data from a resistor into visual interactions. Also, for Project 1 Design, I was responsible for the Co-Coach to work. Together with a team member, we were able to translate gyroscope values to values that actually meant something to us, so we could program even more actions based upon the values we received.

Since I had almost no prior knowledge of programming, I can say that I have developed a lot within this area. I am sure that I will develop this expertise even more, because I find it really interesting to be able to create interactions by programming.


Here you can find the Arduino code used for the Co-Coach.


A video presenting the Co-Coach, in which the interface is programmed through Processing and Arduino software