Locally shared circadian lighting for the office environment

For my Final Bachelor Project, I have designed Luxon. Luxon is a locally shared lighting design for the office environment, which teaches its users about the positive aspects of dynamic lighting, as well as the effects of the users’ actions adjusting this lighting.

For my project’s context, I took the WELL building standard as a starting point. I was introduced to this standard during my internship at Sparckel. This standard is a tool which describes to which extent a building is considered healthy. This relates to the ways the building is designed, in order to foster the building’s population in terms of wellbeing and productivity for example. 

I applied fairly recent scientific research in terms of circadian lighting design and lighting interface design within this project, which had been a blast for me. I am convinced the positive effects of lighting will be used in future luminaire design more and more. Luxon’s interface design is what makes the luminaire different from others. It lets its users experience dynamic lighting, while at the same time teaching the users about the effects of their lighting adjustments. 

I have thought a lot about different scenarios of how users should interact with the interface in terms of controls and experience. Also, it was important to look at how the interaction between users and the system should be. The prototype I made for Luxon consisted out of the interface and the luminaire design. For the form of the luminaire, I used a rounded shape of an hourglass, which also reappears in the logo design. 

I learned a lot about interface design for shared systems and how making scenarios can improve your design. In terms of design processes, I have learned a lot about iteration design. Whenever an iteration is completed, feedback is needed in order to improve the design. I have noticed that whenever I was implementing this feedback, it was important to not dismiss my previous findings. I did not always keep in mind the goal I set myself, which is something I will definitely should be doing in my future projects. I was able to iterate my design multiple times, but I had to abandon several features of the design throughout the process. These features are still very interesting to look into in the future, but were not in the scope of this project. 

I think that I applied a lot of theoretical and practical knowledge into this project and worked incredibly hard to create what is now known as Luxon.