Biodynamic lighting design

During my internship at Spackel, formerly called Vitaallicht, I was able to experience how it was to work as an industrial designer in a real working environment.

I found myself in an exceptional spot. Due to the small size of the company, I was able to develop a lot of skills and do a lot of other tasks that were also relevant for me as a designer.

First of all, I was involved in further developing the luminaires after setting up and conducting a market research. The luminaire development was done directly at the metal factory, where I learned to work with 3D modelling software. It was valuable to go through a design process from prototype to final design on such a close level.  Being in the metal factory taught me how important it is to involve not only the users and designers of the product, but also the manufacturers, since they are the ones who will eventually determine how the product will be made.

Second, my skills in visual design has helped Vitaallicht to communicate its lighting proposition to its market. Most of the times, a small briefing of my internship coach was enough for me to make something visual and along the progress, I came with suggestions that were often picked up and implemented in the design. My visual design skills were also relevant for rebranding Vitaallicht to Sparckel. It was really valuable to go through such a process, because the meetings with the marketing agency has taught me how they tackle such a process, to reposition a brand in the market.

During my internship, 3 additional luminaires were designed and manufactured. I gained knowledge on product development, and expanded my expertise in lighting design. 

Even after my internship ended, I have been involved in some smaller graphic design jobs to communicate the company’s vision towards various customers.