Who am I as a designer?

My interests in technology and innovation combined with music and sports are things that drive me. Over the past few years, my interest in the catering industry grew due to my side job. There, I was able to learn a lot about foods and drinks and experienced cooking on high levels. Also, during my internship at Sparckel I got the chance to experience what it was like to work in a company as an industrial designer. I learned a lot about manufacturing, visual design and got more expertise in the business & entrepreneurship competency.

I get inspired by other people’s inventions, performances and work. People in my environment describe me as spontaneous, social and outgoing, but also sometimes as stubborn and hasty. I am aware of both strengths and weaknesses, and placing these into a design perspective can help me in the design processes I go through. I see myself as an all-round designer who does not necessarily excel in one particular aspect but has expertise rather equally divided amongst several skills.

My true skills as a designer bloom in a team environment. I try to have a pro-active attitude in projects, through actively joining discussions and asking questions to group members in order to make things as clear as possible. Whatever I do, I will always work hard to achieve my goals. Moreover, I try to maintain a healthy and pleasant working atmosphere within the group by having an informal, yet professional attitude.