Hairstyle recommendation system using AI

The course Designing Intelligence in interaction was quite challenging for me, as I only had little knowledge of programming. However, I still chose this course because I figured this could definitely improve these skills.

Using available datasets and facial recognition software, our group made a hair recommendation system, which could present a hairstyle to you based on your facial features.

During this course, I got introduced to the fundamentals of machine learning and articficial intelligence, and learned how to set up a neural network, train it, and validate it. A great learning point for me was how essential data can be. Our dataset consisted out of a lot of images which were labelled. However, some labels were not clear, lacked images or contained distorted images. Therefore, some labels had to be removed from the dataset. When filtering data in this way, we needed to be aware that this act influences the overall system. The filtered images had to go through two APIs, which returned a lot of data points which were irrelevant for our system. I was involved in filtering this data, and making sure that the input for our neural network was right.

While setting up the neural networks, we needed to experiment with several structures and learning rules. I was responsible for assuring that this was done in an organized way, reporting on all the results of our trained networks. Moreover, I was responsible for making our concept visual and experiencable, so I made a digital prototype which showed how our recommender system would be used at a barber shop.

hAIr demo video

hAIr explanation video

Digital prototype