When I receive my Bachelor’s degree, I will continue the Industrial Design master’s program. I will choose the research and product development track, to get more theoretical and practical experience in the design field. In the master’s program, I would love studying abroad for one semester. I have already oriented myself on which universities are interesting for me, according to my interests, skills and design vision. During the master’s program, I hope to get in closer contact with companies to have a better understanding of what the market needs and how I can contribute with my specific skillset. Currently, I feel that I have an all-round skillset with a main focus on lighting design. However, I enjoyed doing interface and experience design a lot as well, because I could implement my interest in visual design as well.

Currently, I do not plan doing a PhD or PDEng, because I really enjoy working for a company and getting to know everything about it. Hopefully, I gain some business contacts during my master, because I would like to start working as soon as I finish the master’s program. It would be amazing if I could do some more projects on lighting or sports. I think it is a pity that I have not been able to implement my musical passion into any of my designs, but maybe I will during the master’s program. 

In 10 years from now, I would love to work for a company where I will have a supervising function in the design field. I want to be taking care of the design and research processes and actively designing within a driven team, trying to solve design cases in the best way possible. Being at the front of relevant and user centred innovative technologies is something that really excites me now and I am sure that in 10 years, that will not have changed.