For this expertise area, courses that helped me develop the most include:

  • From Idea to Design
  • Secret Life of Light Project
  • Project 1 Design

A design process was completely new to me when I came to the department of ID. In the core course From Idea to Design, I learned about the reflective, transformative design process. Within that course, I did not have the feeling we utilized that knowledge. In the other projects I did later in this year, I did,  which helped me to go through more complex stages of processes. Once we got stuck, we took a step back and evaluated why something was not working the way we designed it. A major learning point for me was that a design process is never the same. Some elements like user testing are the same but the order in which you act differs almost always.

Going through more design processes will give me more experience within design and will eventually develop this expertise area even more.