For this expertise area, courses that helped me develop the most include:

  • From Idea to Design
  • Creative Programming
  • Secret Life of Light Project
  • Project 1 Design

Development within this expertise area came especially from brainstorm sessions, experiments with materials and iterating designs within the projects I did. I realized that by doing these things, you can open up your mind and really take any direction within designing a product. Sketching has become really important for me to visualize what is in my head. It has also been really useful for communicating with my team members.

Aesthetics is something I can work on more, because when I have something in my head, it always appears less attractive than what I had in mind. The course Creative Programming taught me to make visuals with coding, which I used in Project 1 Design as well.

LG-00SOUTH-20160229135720 LG-00SOUTH-20160229135720 LG-00SOUTH-20160229135720

These are some sketches I made for the Secret Life of Light project (Savvy)


A screenshot of what I made for Creative Programming