Gesture-based sport data gathering

Co-Coach was the result of my first project done within the department of Industrial Design, ever. This project was mainly focused on getting familiar with design processes and personal development as a designer. 

As a group, we had an overall interest in sports. We argued that data collection within sports was getting more and more important in the professional field of sports. However, for amateur teams sports data may also be interesting. Therefore, we tried to design a product or service which could translate behavioural data in sports to engage people in recreational sports in a social and playful way. 

With Co-Coach , amateur sport coaches can keep track of certain events during a sports game in an interactive way. Gathering data can be done by pressing a button and tilting the device either to the left or right, depending on the event. The coach can have real-time access to the data he is collecting himself. After the sports game has ended, this data can be evaluated in order to improve the team’s performance.

Preliminary design explorations

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Concept video

Data visualization